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How Important is Bing These Days?

bing logo

In the rapidly evolving landscape and new era of digital marketing, Google has long been the unrivalled titan, reigning supreme over the search engine market with unparalleled dominance. Its overwhelming market share has solidified its position as the go-to brand discovery platform for businesses seeking to connect with potential customers online. However, amid the shadows […]

Why choosing healthcare advertising through an experienced marketing agency is so important?

experienced marketing agency

Healthcare marketing can be a complex and highly regulated field, requiring expertise and knowledge of the healthcare industry. For healthcare providers, hiring an experienced marketing agency can help you navigate through the challenges and effectively promote your healthcare products or services. Choosing healthcare marketing through an experienced marketing agency is important for healthcare marketers for […]

Finding Joy in the Unexpected: Hilarious Bloopers from our Video Shoot!

Laughter is the best medicine! Enjoy this blooper video from a video shoot. Even the most professional moments can have hilarious outtakes. Our talented team knows how to keep the mood light and have a great time while delivering exceptional work. Stay tuned for more behind the scene fun content coming your way!

From concept to execution, our team is here for you!

Lights, Camera, Action! 🎥✨ Check this footage from our latest video shoot. From concept to execution, our dedicated team poured their passion and expertise into every frame. Stay tuned for more such masterpieces.

Behind the scenes of a captivating video shoot

Film Shoot

The BKMG team on shoot with the AHP Director Fritz Quero, filming a video to acknowledge and celebrate a to-be-announced partnership in the Aged Care Industry. “…I look forward to pioneering this journey to bring stability and security to our most vulnerable citizens in the most regional, rural and remote reaches of our nation…”

Unleashing Video Magic: Elevating Your Content Beyond Smartphone Filming


Experience and a high-quality film kit that makes for an engaging video that doesn’t look like you just filmed it on your smartphone. Lighting really is everything; it can make or break your content and reputation. Nothing is less attractive in a video than pasty fluorescent office lights. We at Blue Key Marketing Group, battled […]